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How to get your own Oliver Wood shed

4FourTwo can now be found at a new home at the home of one of Australia’s most celebrated woodworkers, Oliver Wood.

The four-bedroom home on the shores of Lake Macquarie has been converted from a barn into a four-storey home with a garden, swimming pool, a gym and living area.

The two-storeys shed has been transformed into a five-storeyd home with three bedrooms and a master bedroom, while the main house will be the home for Mr Wood’s family.

“We had some really good ideas and this has been a very natural transition,” Mr Wood said.

“It’s just really fun to build up the space and just have a bit of fun and see how the building works.”

The space is really cool, the backyard is a fantastic place to be.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out there and seeing what’s out there.”

Mr Wood, who has been building his family’s own wood shed since 1994, said he had been planning for some time to build his own shed but it was his first home in the capital.

“There’s no point in sitting around and waiting for the next project,” he said.

The new home is in a beautiful suburban location and the family will move into the home by the end of the year.

“This house is a bit more modern and we’ve got a pool and the pool is the swimming pool,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Wood said he hoped the new home would provide a place to live that would be a home away from home.

“You get out of the city and you’re outside, you’re not at work or your family is away from you, so it’s a really nice place to hang out,” he.

“To be able to move into it and have a little bit of privacy and privacy is really exciting for me.”

Mr Smith said it was hard to find a good location for Mr Woods family but Mr Wood hoped it would be an easy transition.

“People will just have to give me the space I want, and I can’t be in the city all the time,” he added.

“My parents, my brother, my two girls, they’ll have a home in it.”

Mr Woods said the family would start off in the family home but he wanted to see what his new home could offer.

“They’re going to live here for the rest of their lives,” he joked.

“And then they can start to look at their kids and see what’s available.”

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