Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Photo album How to remove the wooden flooring from your new wooden home

How to remove the wooden flooring from your new wooden home

I spent hours over the weekend digging up the flooring that was covering up the wood decking in my new wooden house.

After doing a lot of research, I ended up with a selection of wooden floor tiles, each measuring 3″ x 6″.

I also decided to go with the more expensive “wood decking” as the floor tiles have a nice, solid feel to them.

The wood floors are really easy to remove.

Just flip them over, and slide them out.

If you don’t have a router or saw, I suggest using a piece of plywood or a piece that can be cut out of your existing flooring.

I ended my project by sanding down the top and sides of the floor, using a rotary saw to make small cuts.

Then, I added more tiles and added more glue.

The final step was to add some paint to the wood flooring to match the wood that was already painted.

Here are the finished tiles.

I ended up getting a few tiles from my local store, and I’m happy to report that they worked perfectly.

They didn’t take up much room on the floor or add much to the overall look of the house, but they were easy to cut and sand.

The glue on the wooden tiles seemed to be just as strong as my other tiles.

If you decide to go this route, you may want to buy more than one tile at a time.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the results.