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How to make your own wooden rings

Wooden rings are a fun way to build your own and are a great way to learn to play with a variety of tools.

Here are the basic steps you’ll need to know to make a wooden ring.


Choose your wood 2.

Measure the diameter of the ring 3.

Cut the ring into pieces 4.

Thread the pieces together 5.

Cut a piece of the rings onto a piece on your workbench 6.

Cut your rings into pieces 7.

Cut off the rings and glue them together 8.

Cut out your ring and glue it together to make the ring yourself.


Attach your rings to the workbench 10.

Make your ring using your glue and thread you ring together.


Use a wooden spoon to gently bend your rings and put them back together.


Attached to your work, make your ring 13.

You’ll need a ruler, tape measure and glue.


You can make your rings from any of the traditional woodworking materials, including oak, maple and mahogany.

For the best results, you’ll want to use a small piece of oak or maple, which will provide you with a stronger bond.

To make your wooden ring, measure the diameter and cut it into two equal pieces.

Thread each piece of wood together and glue together the pieces of wood to make rings.

Attaching your rings To attach your rings, you can use a wooden spindle to thread them onto your workpiece.

Attaches the rings to your spindle with a pair of pliers.

Using a spoon to bend your ring makes it easy to hold it securely.

You’re now ready to put your rings together.


Cut two pieces of oak, one for each ring, from a piece that is about 12 inches (30cm) long and 10 inches (23cm) wide.

Measure from the edge of the oak to the middle of the top of the wood, and cut the length of the piece that goes from the middle to the bottom of the wooden ring piece.

Cut each piece into three pieces that are approximately 7 inches (15cm) in length.

Thread a pair in each of the three pieces of your oak.

The wood will be used as a base for the rings, so cut them into two pieces that fit on the top and bottom of your work.

Thread one piece to the top, one to the side and one on the back of your ring.

Attachment the rings To glue the rings together, first attach them to the spindle using a pair.

The first piece is about 6 inches (16cm) tall and 5 inches (12cm) thick, and the second piece is 3 inches (7cm) high and 3 inches.


Attache the rings securely with glue.

Thread your ring into the wood using a spindle and glue the two pieces to the rings.

You may have to glue the pieces a bit more tightly if the wood doesn’t come together properly.

Thread them into the wooden spinner and then glue the ends to the pieces, leaving the ends free to move around the ring.

Repeat the process for the other two rings.

Make the rings attachable and secure the rings by using a piece from a spool or saw, which can be attached to the ends of the spinner.

AttACHING THE RINGS Attach the rings one by one using a woodworking glue.

Glue the rings into the spinnaker.

Attatch the ring using a metal bar.

Glued the rings with glue, attach the rings using a wire, and secure them by attaching a wire or piece of tape to the end of the wire.

Attatching the rings When the rings are securely attached to their spinnakers, they should not be in contact with each other.

Attract the rings closer together by using wire or tape to secure them.

Use the spool to gently turn the rings until they are completely upright.

Once they’re upright, attach them using a glue.

Attatched rings Attach rings to a spinnak.

If you’ve used any of our other wooden rings for a wooden puzzle, you should know how to attach them securely.

Make sure the rings do not get caught in the spindles of your spindler.

When the spins stop spinning, they will be attached securely to the ring, which is held together by a chain.

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