Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Our Works Wood pellet grills for $7.98 a pound from Amazon.com

Wood pellet grills for $7.98 a pound from Amazon.com

Amazon.co.uk is offering wood pellets for a bargain price on Amazon.

The items range from about $7 to $9 per kilogram, and they usually include the meat.

The Amazon listings don’t list how long the pellets will last, and it’s not clear how many pellets will be available.

The seller says the items are “the best prices on the internet” and the seller also says that they come in a variety of colors.

The site is currently running a promotion that will pay you $7 off an item if you buy the pellets for $1 each.

It’s unclear if the Amazon seller is a competitor of Amazon.org, the online shopping giant owned by Amazon.

A similar Amazon offer in April paid you $10 off an Amazon item if it came in a specific color.