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New wood side table design inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Posted November 01, 2018 07:00:59The idea of a wooden side table came from a love for Alice in the Snow, according to woodsy designer and designer Carol Wood.

The side table was inspired by the beautiful design of the wooden and glass sides of the Alice in The Snow, which are both inspired by a woody environment.

“I thought, ‘This is something we can use in our home, and it’s beautiful and it can be used for all sorts of things’,” Ms Wood said.

“It could be a dining table, a lounge table, anything.

It could be something that is used as a bedside table, or even something that’s a table for watching television or reading a book.”

The design, which was inspired from the design of Alice in Snow’s wood, is an all-inclusive solution for all types of people.

“What I found was that there was a lot of people who didn’t want a wooden table and wanted something more traditional like a wooden bedside,” Ms Wood added.

“They wanted something that could be used by families with children, or anyone who wanted a traditional table for entertaining or something that was just sitting in the kitchen.”

The side tables can be designed in many different ways.

They can be made from traditional wood like cherry or walnut, or you can make a side table with reclaimed wood from a shed or barn.

“The beauty of this is that you can create any shape and size you want,” Ms Woods said.

In addition to the wood side tables, Woodsy offers a variety of wood furniture designs and other wood-based products, including wood tables and tables made from bamboo, ash and spruce.

Woodsy has created wooden side tables and a wood side-table for children.

The Alice in White Paper design is available now for $129.99 (around $1,800 AUD) from Woodsy.

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