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Why I want to move from Australia to China

Posted September 20, 2019 08:00:31I’m happy here, I’m loving it.

I have friends here, but I don’t really feel like I belong.

The Chinese are nice, but they’re not my friends.

China is the place where I am happiest and most satisfied, but for some reason I feel like that’s not the case.

I’ve been to the US a couple of times and it’s a much different experience.

What’s the difference between the US and China?

I feel like if I come to the States, I can just say, ‘Well, I’ll be here a week, then I’ll go back home and relax’.

I don’t feel like it’s my country, it’s like I’m in the US.

It’s not like I feel the same way in China.

There are so many similarities in how we live, I guess.

For example, the average salary in China is $US10,000 (US$8,400) a month.

And here in Australia, the median salary is $16,000 ($12,400).

It seems like you’re living the same life here.

In China, you can’t buy anything and there’s no rent or mortgage, but in Australia it’s quite different.

People are very happy and content.

Everyone is kind and they’re very accepting.

We’re happy, we’re doing well, we’ve got lots of friends.

China is really great for me because it gives me a lot of freedom.

Being in the country allows me to go to the cinema, I get to travel, I have the freedom to do what I want.

Australia has a very big and diverse population.

So it gives you the freedom and freedom to be creative.

As long as you have a good attitude, you don’t have to worry about anything.

I’m just happy here.

China doesn’t have the same kind of rules as the US, so there’s a lot to learn.

You’ll learn a lot from people that have been here for years, like the US students, the Chinese students, Chinese entrepreneurs.

They’re just learning and working harder and harder to make money.

If you don, like, do drugs, or do whatever, there’s nothing to do in China, it’ll just go downhill from there.

That’s the big difference, I think.

One of the biggest issues that I have with Australia is that we have no rules or guidelines for when you can come and work, you know, in China or the US or Canada.

This is what I find really distressing, I feel that China is like a dictatorship.

Because in China people are very open to the idea of doing things like drugs, and I feel very conflicted about that.

But if you come here and do drugs or do anything that’s against the rules, they’re pretty strict about it.

They have a huge police force, they have a lot more people on the streets.

Now, here in the States they have no such restrictions, so it’s really hard to know when you’re allowed to do something or when you shouldn’t do it.

I don`t know if I can do that in China anymore.

Everywhere I go, I try to stay safe, but it’s hard because I have to live here and live my life and not think about how I look, because I don´t know what to do.

Everything I do is about me, I don�t really care about what anyone else thinks.

I don`re a little bit of a recluse here in China and I try not to be around the whole thing.

To be honest, I love it here, and my wife is really happy here because I’m a different person.

She feels the same, so she really enjoys living here.

She is also really happy and appreciates what I do. 

China has been great for my business.

I love it.

I’m doing well and I’m doing really well in Australia.

My business is doing great.

A lot of the Chinese are really happy to see me, they don’t know what I did.

Not so many in the U.S.

I have a feeling that when I come back to the U.

“I’m not sure how many times I can come here.

The one thing I do know is that I want this to stay.

I want it to be my country.

Here I can relax and enjoy my life, and also have fun.

I want to be a part of the community here.