Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Exercise Italy fans ‘furious’ after Spain loss to Italy

Italy fans ‘furious’ after Spain loss to Italy

Football Italiano article The frustration of Italy fans following a 2-1 defeat to Spain at Stadio Olimpico has been palpable.

It has seen them chanting ‘José’ to the tune of ‘Jose’.

The frustration of fans watching the Spain-Italy clash was apparent when the Italian side lost their nerve to start the game, leading to a red card for Marco Verratti.

Juventus midfielder Paulo Dybala was sent off in the first minute of the game after picking up a knock on the head.

It came on a collision with the Spanish keeper.

Juve defender Giorgio Chiellini also received a yellow card for his controversial challenge on Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, although the referee ruled the incident was a clear foul.

The Italy manager Antonio Conte was not happy with the red card, saying it was too lenient.

“I’m disappointed,” Conte said.

“But I can understand why it was a red because we had to do things differently.

It was a yellow.

It’s a clear one.”

Conte said that his team had done a good job and the frustration would not be going away.

“It’s a red,” he said.

“It’s not something we have been complaining about.

But when we lose we’re angry.

It can happen when you lose the game.

We’ll get to the point of thinking: ‘Why are we doing this?’

It’s not the right time to be angry.”

The frustration was further fuelled when the Italians were forced to leave the tunnel during the break when Spain were in first place.

The fans started singing the anthem, but Spain players started chanting “Juventus, Juve, Juves”.

The Spanish fans were understandably angry.

They were shouting “Juve, Juventus, Juvez!” after the Italians had scored twice.

The frustration did not end there as Juve manager Diego Simeone had to be restrained by a group of Spanish players who tried to get into the tunnel to protest against the fans.

After the game it was reported that there were about 10,000 Italian fans at the Stadios Olimpiastre stadium, but there are claims that many of them were Spanish.