Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Photo album ‘Bitterly cold’ and ‘bitterly wet’ after deadly tornado strikes southern Mississippi

‘Bitterly cold’ and ‘bitterly wet’ after deadly tornado strikes southern Mississippi

A devastating tornado hit Southern Mississippi this week, killing two people and leaving hundreds homeless.

A storm surge watch has been issued for the entire state.

The tornado struck in the heart of Mississippi’s farming community.

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The Weather Channel meteorologist says the tornadoes were “bitter and wet.”

Weather Channel Meteorologist David Schulman tells Fox News that there was a “very strong storm surge” on the Mississippi River, which could have been a concern in the past.

“That’s one of the things that I’d be concerned about, you’re going to get this storm surge.

You’ve got a storm surge of about three feet.

I mean, that’s a very powerful storm surge,” he says.

The tornado destroyed homes in several towns in the Mississippi Delta and in a rural community just outside of the town of St. Charles.

One resident was killed and another was injured.

St. Charles Mayor Kevin Loeffler says the tornado hit on Wednesday morning.

Loefflern says the damage was devastating.

He says the homes were “a lot smaller than we expected, we expected maybe a 100 square feet, it was like a 300 square foot home.”

Loefler says he is glad the tornado didn’t cause more damage to the community.

“There was a lot of people who were injured,” he said.

“There were a lot people who lost their houses, a lot more people were displaced than what I thought.”

The tornado left behind the remains of two homes, which were located across the street from a church and were severely damaged.

The church is now closed.