Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Photo album ‘Wooden desk’ model in Tarkovs art house

‘Wooden desk’ model in Tarkovs art house

Wooden desk model for Tarkos Studio, an artist who makes his art using wood and stone, has been revealed at a special show in Tbilisi.

Tarkos has been creating wood models since the 1990s, and recently released a second set of models in the form of the ‘Woodwork Series’, with a series of wooden desks to be released at the show.

The wooden desk model was created using a custom-made wooden block from Tarkomart.

It’s a small wooden piece of wood that was used to create the base for the desk.

A small number of different parts were used to make the wood.

The model was made with wood, steel and glass and was sold for a grand total of 1,000 rubles ($1,300).

The model has been used for a number of events and was used in the upcoming Tarkovsky retrospective.

The wood desk model will be showcased at the Tarkoplast Museum, which is set to open on January 14.