Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Photo album New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s chief of staff resigns amid scandal

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s chief of staff resigns amid scandal

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has resigned after a report revealed he had a sexual relationship with an aide and lied about it, his office said Thursday.

The resignations came hours after the New York Post published a series of stories about De Blasio and his aides, who allegedly had inappropriate interactions with women and even made inappropriate advances toward a female staffer in their offices.

The report, first reported by The Post, alleged that De Blasio, then the city’s first female mayor, engaged in sexual relations with two of his staffers, a deputy mayor and a chief of security.

The report, which was not yet made public, alleged the relationship included “inappropriate kissing, touching, hugging, groping and other inappropriate conduct” in De Blasio’s office.

The allegations were the latest to raise questions about DeBlasio’s relationships with women, and they are being seen as an opportunity for him to prove he is a leader in the city and is a partner in the push for more women in the mayor’s office, the mayor said in a statement.

The city attorney’s office declined to comment.

The Associated Press reported earlier that the two staffers were under investigation by the NYPD.

DeBlasso was suspended and his deputy, who had worked for him for years, was placed on paid leave.

De Blasio later said he did not recall the sexual encounters.

DeBlasio was also accused of having an affair with a woman who worked at the Democratic National Committee.

The alleged affair happened in the 1990s.

DeDeBlassons chief of counsel, David Littman, told the Post that the relationship ended in 1997.

The woman did not report the relationship, and DeBlassos attorney declined to discuss the matter, the Post reported.