Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Stories Wood fence panels to go up at Woodlands’ new office tower

Wood fence panels to go up at Woodlands’ new office tower

Woodlands, Texas, Nov. 4 (UPI) — Woodlands officials are building a new office building in the wooded town, with a wood fence panel set to go on the wall next door.

The wood panel is a new addition to the Woodlands office building, which is designed to house approximately 100 employees, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest from all over the country in moving into the building and I think it will be a really great addition to our business, our community, our region and our country,” Mayor Steve DeAngelo said in a news release.

“This will provide a better quality of life for our residents, and we want to make sure the people of Woodlands have a place to call home.”

The building will also house the Woodland County Public Safety Office, which has a capacity for approximately 100 people.

The office will have an outdoor patio and kitchen area with outdoor seating, DeAngelo told the Express-Journal.

DeAngelo said he plans to open the new office to the public starting this fall.

“This will be the first building we’ve ever opened that is open to the general public, but that is just part of the plan,” he said.

“We want to create a great, modern facility and that will take place this fall.”