Tiger Woods-evan Rachel Wood Photo album Why wood project with a wooden floor makes a nice addition to your house

Why wood project with a wooden floor makes a nice addition to your house

Posted by The Jerusalem News on Saturday, February 27, 2019 08:12:03 The story behind this article:A project in Jerusalem with a wood floor will make you look even more majestic when it’s finished.

A local wood project is going to make you feel like an honorary owner of a unique home, says the owner of the project.

The idea is to construct a wooden swing floor, or wooden porch, on top of a wood building to create a space to enjoy a wooden kitchen and dining area and a wood fireplace.

A wooden door will be installed on top, making it easier to access the backyard and the garden.

It will also help you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a home.

A piece of wood is an integral part of the house, says Shoshana Golan, the owner and a volunteer at the project, whose name is written on the door.

The house has been created by volunteers from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mitzpe Yitzhar, a community of more than 100 families.

Golan hopes the project will inspire the neighborhood’s residents to help other residents in the neighborhood.

The project was conceived in March 2017 by Golan and her husband.

“It is a very difficult project, but it is something that we have been working on for years,” she says.

“It was a project to create something that will be a special place to be in Jerusalem.

We have a large backyard that we could use for this purpose, and a backyard that is also a place to play.”

Golan is currently in the process of building the wooden house.

“There are so many people who live here and have a dream, and they do not have the money to build a house.

I thought, why not create something so we can share this dream with other people in the area?” she says, adding that she hopes the wooden floor will be able to withstand a winter storm and will keep the home looking modern.”

We are planning to finish the project this winter, and we plan to have a big party with lots of wood to make the floor look really nice,” she said.