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Wood sealer sales jump, company says

Wood sealers are popular with families.

So are some of their products.

(Julie Jacobson/CBC)Wood sealers, or “cotton wool,” are a natural product that can be bought in supermarkets, online or even in specialty shops.

In a study of 2,600 Canadians who bought 1,000 bags of Wood Sealer, the survey found more than one in five bought at least one bag in a single day.

Wood sealants are often marketed as a replacement for a cotton fabric because they are stronger, cheaper and have less shrinkage than other fabrics.

But the report also found that consumers also purchased the sealers at the retail price of $4.99.

The Wood Sealers brand also sells to the U.S. and other countries.

Wood Seal has a presence in many U.K. grocery stores.

“We were surprised at the response and also the amount of people who said they were returning to the product, and that we should definitely be selling more,” said Tom Grieve, the company’s chief marketing officer.

“So that’s why we’re looking at expanding our business and seeing what we can do.”

The company is selling Wood Seal products in stores and online, in some cases offering free shipping.

The new range will be available starting next year in Canada and the U.

“Wood sealer is the best way to keep the kids busy while you’re at work and also for outdoor activities,” Grieve said.

The company has partnered with the Toronto Zoo and is planning to launch a new Wood Seal line of baby blankets, blankets, and towels for use by the Toronto Public Library.

Grieve said he hopes the Wood Seal brand can also help boost sales in the pet store.

A company spokesperson said the company had no comment on the study.

Wood Sealers is also planning to sell products in the U-Shop, a retail store chain.

Wood Seed has been selling its Wood Seal soap for about a year, according to a company spokesperson.