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When Will You Learn to Drive? Part 2

by Dan ZampoThe new season of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” returns this Saturday, and as you know, one of the most popular shows in the world, and one that I enjoy greatly, has its own crossover with the Teen Wolf universe.

So, naturally, MTV has released a teaser trailer for season two.

The trailer features a number of familiar faces from the first season, including Ryan Murphy, whose voice plays one of our heroes, and the show’s director, Justin Lin.

This trailer does not contain any new footage, but does include a few shots of Tyler Posey, who played Tyler’s father, Cody.

It also features Tyler’s mother, who’s seen in a few episodes, along with a shot of her as the series begins.

So, with that, let’s get to what we know so far about season two, including a look at the premiere episode and how we can expect the show to evolve.

“The End” premieres on MTV on May 15.

Stay tuned to MTV News for the next episode of Teen Wolf, and stay tuned to EW.com for more Teen Wolf coverage.