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3 new wood dolls house designs to debut at Christmas

NEW YORK — Wooden dolls are on the market for the first time in years, with a brand new wave of dolls set to debut next year at the Christmas tree lighting.

A new line of wooden dolls, dubbed Wooden Dolls, will debut at the holiday season, and each doll will come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, said John Deere’s John D. Deere.

Each doll comes in a doll house with two dolls and will be available for sale from January through March at $299.50 a piece, or $4,200 for the three dolls.

The dolls will also be available in other colors.

The dolls will come with a wood paneling frame, so you can customize each doll with a different style, Deere said.

The doll house will have a wooden door, and it will also include a window for the windowsill.

Each doll will have different details, like a fireplace in the center, a wood frame and a wood wall panel, he said.

Each doll will also come with an embroidered Christmas tree ornament, a stocking and a wooden Christmas card.

“You can have them in different colors and different styles,” Deere added.

Woods are the most commonly used wood in the world, but it can be hard to find a wood house that doesn’t require some level of maintenance, Deke said.

Deere is hoping the new line will be a hit with shoppers, especially those who may not have the budget to purchase a full-size, fully assembled house.

He said a number of people are interested in wood dolls and are looking for something affordable.

“They want something that is a little bit more affordable than a house full of stuff,” he said, adding that the dolls will be built from reclaimed wood from around the world.

He said some dolls will even have removable walls that can be made from other materials.

“The idea is that if you are going to be going to the tree lighting, you want something in there that you can just pull out and put in your garage,” he explained.

Some of the dolls have been sold to families, but most of them have been built by small companies, Deek said.

“We are trying to make it affordable for everyone,” he added.

The dolls come with their own features, including a removable wooden box that you have to open and close, an inside cabinet that you open up and pull out to reveal a kitchen and a small bedroom.

Many of the wood dolls will have decorative accents, like wood grilles and wood trim, so the house will look like a real home, Deery said.