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When the wood spider came to the house

By John Giannetti-BrunoWood spiders, like the wood-spider, are not usually a problem.

That is, until a few years ago, when a few individuals were spotted crawling into the homes of two Florida residents.

The wood spider was not a common nuisance on this particular block of houses, but it was an ongoing issue for some residents.

That’s when residents started to notice the spiders moving into their homes and living inside.

The wood spiders were often attracted to the living room carpet and the windows of the house.

In some cases, the wood spiders found their way into homes that were not well-maintained, which was the case for the homeowners who were not very diligent about maintaining their homes.

The Wood Spider has also been known to feed on small animals, including rabbits and mice, and to feed in their feces.

Some people believe that the wood spiders may be attracted to this behavior.

Wood spiders do not bite.

Their bite can cause minor burns and are easily controlled.

The Wood Spider’s bites are usually painful, but can be removed with soap and water.

If the woodspider bites, it will usually recover in 24 hours or so.

A few of the homeowners were able to get rid of the woods spider, but some of the others have not been able to.

Many homeowners do not like to pay for the upkeep of their homes because they do not want to risk having the spiders out there again.